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Letter from Brenda Pryor


I lived in Iceland eighteen years, and came very often to your restaurant.
I scheduled tours with many of our Faculty and dropped in many times to have the fish soup.
I would probably still be in Iceland but had to return to the U.S. for treatment for leukemia.
I will always treasure the memories of the old part of the restaurant and the fish soup.
It had such charm.  My health is better now after two bone marrow transplants and
I hope to return to Iceland for a visit. It broke my heart to have to leave so suddenly.
One of the places I will return to is your restaurant.  I have never enjoyed a place as much as that.
You had a great staff and they always put up with me poking my head in the kitchen
or showing some people the old and new sides of your restaurant.

Bless Bless--Brenda Pryor


Here you can find new "vikings".

Dear Jóhannes, 

Thanks for the nice evening we had last Saturday. Everybody enjoyed the evening and Viking meal - Viking kidnapping, too.
I hope we can come again with a group.
Here you can find new "vikings".

Best regards,


Mid-Atlantic 2010
Dear all,
Please find enclosed some pictures from our nice Viking evening.
I´m the one in the arms of the Viking man.
Best regards,
Eija Ahlberg




From a patron of your restaurant


I'm writing to you for the silliest reason possible, sorry about that. The thing is, I attended your restaurant on Sunday evening, with the rest of our jolly conference celebrating the end of the conference. During the evening, I received a diploma of a honorary viking; I, however, left it at the table.

Now, I am NOT asking for it to be sent to me over the whole of Europe. I'm just feeling bad that I could've given you - especially that Vidar guy, who issued the diploma - the idea that I've left it because I didn't care (or because I was drunk, which I wasn't). The whole viking act was unabashedly silly, but also extremely fun, even for a saga scholar dude like me, who's supposed to grumble about trivialising medieval culture and stuff. In fact, I had a tremendously enjoyable evening, and your place rocks. Next time I manage to waylay a banker or a politician (them being the same in Russia) and scrap a small fortune charged by IcelandAir for the tickets, I'll do my best to drop by again. So thanks once more, and don't take my forgetfulness for ingratitude.

sincerely yours,
Alexey "Hurin" Eremenko


Great time with the Vikings

Thanks for the great time at the Viking Restaurant. We visited last week, while we were on vacation. We sat with some ladies from Denmark and England. The atmosphere, food and Vikings were lots of fun!  My daughter really enjoyed being "kidnapped". She has her "Viking" certificate in a frame. I'll recommend your facility to anyone who's going to be in your area, and I'll send a picture, when I get them developed!

Diana and Danielle Sichta



Sæll Jói,

Fyrir hönd okkar skötukarla vil ég þakka góðan viðurgerning og frábæran mat.
Sömuleiðis fyrir mjöðin og að sýna okkur  “hellinn”.
Gaman að fá að vera í fjörunni aftur, en við byrjuðum hjá þér á hæðinni fyrir ofan, áður hafði þetta verið á Hotel Loftleiðum, meðan eg var þar.
Aftur okkar bestu þakkir og um leið óska eg þér og þínum gleðilegra jóla og farsæls komandi árs.

“Hamingjan gefi þér gleðileg jól
blessi og verndi þig miðsvetrarsól,
brosi þér himininn heiður og blár
og hlýlegt ,þér verði hið komandi ár”

Bestu kveðjur


Starsfólk Kaplakrika
Komiði sæl....

Ég vil undirritaður fyrir hönd starsfmanna Kaplakrika þakka sérstaklega fyrir hið frábæra jólahlaðborð ykkar s.l. sunnudag í gömlu Fjörukránni og eins fyrir frábæra skemmtikrafta.


Bestu kveðjur,

Geir Hallsteinsson,

Íþróttamiðstöð FH, Kaplakrika



Charlee and Dawn
Johannes and Eli,
We want to thank you for the wonderful hospitality on Saturday night.
Our group had a great time! Julian and Rainer will remember their
Viking invitiation forever! The food was great and the atmosphere was

Charlee and Dawn
A.T. Mahan Elementary School



Greatings from our friends in Storholmen, Sweden


Hallo Johannes.
Here, I send you a picture from the people in our village.
It was taken this summer when we were open for visitors.
Have a nice time.
Your friend


Elísa Gyrðisdóttir, Atlantis Resources


9. desember 2005

Góðan dag.
Mig langaði bara að segja takk fyrir mjög vel heppnað jólahlaðborð í gærkvöldi, með góðri þjónustu og frábærum skemmtikröftum!
Það fóru allir saddir og hæstánægðir heim!
Bestu kveðjur,
Elísa Gyrðisdóttir
Atlantis Resources



Good morning from London


We are now back from a wonderful and memorable weekend in Iceland and   
we are all full of enthusiasm to sell Iceland to our Clients.

Thank you so much for a really fun Viking night, everyone enjoyed it
so much. it was a shame we had to leave a little early but we had anearly start the next morning as we had a very full schedule.

I am forwarding seperately a photo of us which we all found very
funny. The tall man was from the German group and the 2 from our group
have made themselves appear even smaller for the photo.
I know the helmet with horns is a myth but we bought them from a
local shop just for fun.

Thank you again
Regards Katy Savvides





I am vey happy - in your hotel - this is the best!
Thank you! The breakfast is excellent!
Kamila from Prague





Dear Readers,

Hi! This is a great place to have fun, and the food is great too! It has very nice scenery and very good service. We hope you enjoy your time here!

Anna, Sara, Gene & Ingrid




It was really amazing to be in Iceland! Thanks Johannes! What I saw was - GOOD PEOPLE, all of them, both in the restaurant and in the Hotel. They are like a friendly family with a good father! When you meet such kind of hospitality you think that this is the face of Iceland! Thank you for everything and hope to see you in Russia! /Alexander



Thank you for everything! Amazing country, warm and friendly hotel! We are looking forward to see you in Israel! Gilboa & Birgitta Cohen



14.5 - 29.5.2005

Sitting in the lobby and waiting for the flybus to arrive at 05.00. Unfortunately it is time for us to go home! We have had an amazing stay here. The weather has been unbelievable, sun and blue sky! All of you have been taking such good care of us, in a way that we will never forget... Big, warm hug to you all from us. Love to hear from you if you come to Stockholm.

Many warm hugs from Pernilla & Emma Johansson & Solveig Karlsson

Ps. Thank you for arranging the horseriding for me! Love Emma





We'd like to thank you for all the letters we received!

If you or your friends had a good time with us here in Fjörukráin or Hotel Viking, we'd like to hear about it.
Please send us email with your story about your stay here and we'd be honored to add it here for other people to see.

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it




Letter from Sharon Broadhead

Hello Viking Hotel. We have just arrived back from Iceland and had such a wonderful time, we are coming back for Christmas. We are staying in Reykjavik this time, but wanted to know if you have an special events on Christmas Eve or Christmas day/night. There are two of us and we loved your restaurant. Are you doing a Christmas feast on Christmas day/night which we could book? Can you please let us have any details. Thank you very much. We enjoyed our stay with you very much. Regards, Sharon



Letter from Sue Corneilson

We received an email with pictures fron Sue Corneilson

I just wanted to let all of you know what a great time everyone of us had on
our recent trip to Iceland.  As always, many new things to see and also many
favorites to revisit!  We all took many pictures, but I am sending just a
few, so you can see us and know what a very special thanks we send to all of
you for your hard work helping us!

Best Regards to all!
Sue Corneilson



Another happy guest


Thank you for a great time, hope to see you again when we visit Iceland in the near future. Here is a picture from the beer hall

Alexandra and Paul




Auf Wiedersehen!
Hello from Germany, 

We had a very nice evening last week. Four persons and a group from Sweden. It was just funny and we´re laughing when we´re thinking of this day. Look at the photos and you can understand me.

All the best and good luck

Dieter from Cologne/Germany